Thursday, February 08, 2007


hi kat,

birthdays are special because they allow us to pause a while, look back, and make our grateful hearts praise god for his comforting hands that have gently guided us for the past years. I hope that in the midst of your birthday celebration, you’ll have some time to reflect god’s grace that has led you to become the beautiful person that you are now.

I’m praying for you. god bless.




hi shirley,

advance happy birthday.

Seeing the members of my previous batch who now don their cassocks, somehow, i cannot but be regretful. I told myself that I am but stupid in committing such a big mistake in leaving the seminary. However, whenever I recall that my stupidity allowed me to meet you and develop a very special friendship with you, I thank God for making me commit that “mistake.”

I may not be there to personally greet you, but rest assured that I am praying for you and for your family always. I hope you succeed in every endeavor you desire to achieve. You have a good soul and I know that God will always accompany you.

love and prayers,


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