Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ash Wednesday Reflections

This is one day in the liturgical calendar that I love to hate most.

For a number of reasons of course. This signals the Lenten season, no meat today, and the atmosphere is becoming of what will happen in the coming days.

I also hate seeing myself wearing the messy ash on my forehead. Its just it is not fashionable. At times, is itchy. For so many times, I was wishing that the Church had enforced other type of medium. Not ash. I would have avoided it if I could, but the reason why we Filipinos go for Mass every ash Wednesday is to have an ash.

But most of all, I hate it because it reminds me of my being weak, being not indispensable, being in agony, a sinner.

In other words, it reminds me of my being a human. For most individual, we don’t want to be reminded that we are merely human. We are vulnerable, weakling, and yes, will even succumb later to death. And from the heap of ash, we would definitely go home again.

All these time of the year, we exhausted our life in believing that we are superpowers. That we are indispensable. But today, we are reminded to “Repent and believe the Gospel.” Such a big twist in the plot of our life story.

But wait, lest we forget, Ash Wednesday reminds us that after the suffering, there is Christ. There will be a risen Christ! No agonies, no triumph!

Ash Wednesday reminds us of our being human, and as such, we are reminded of God’s great love to us. He gave His Son for us—humans!

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