Thursday, March 08, 2007

summer schedule

Mar. 19 (Mon) -submission of application letter
Mar. 20 (Tue) -house council deliberates
Mar. 21 (Wed) -Fr. Mols leaves for his trip abroad

Apr. 8 (Sun) -start of vacation
Apr. 10/11 (Tue/Wed) -send off party (upon the arrival of Fr. Mols from trip abroad)
Apr. 12 (Thu) -trip to Sagada
Apr. 16 (Mon) -end of Sagada trip
-long vacation starts

Above is the schedule of the batch.

March 19 is an important feast date for me because it is St. Joseph’s feast. This year, it is more significant because I will be turning in my application to the noviceship, my second in three years.

Writing the letter is a cinch. Since this month has ushered in, I started to already draft my letter in my journal. Being true and consistent with the content of my letter is what is difficult.

Fr. Mols told us that on the day itself, the seminary staff deliberates on our application. The decision will have to be forwarded to the house council for its approval. It’s vague whether we would know the result since Fr. Mols leaves on the 21st. I guess, we would know, since Br. Noel can of course share it with us.

Seeing the schedule, it’s not that heavy as I was afraid it would turn out to be. I was concerned at first because I thought that there were plenty of responsibilities to be accomplished in the community, places to be cleaned, and jobs that need to be endorsed. I was afraid because years back, it was so traumatic to be in the formation house having two chores and two works. The schedule every night was not even spared since it was devoted for youth group planning.

The batch wouldn’t have to stay that long in the seminary after all, and how I delight in anticipating the coming of the three week vacation prior to the entrance to the novitiate.

I just wish that everything will still turn out well...

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