Tuesday, July 24, 2007

my classmates

today, my classmates (kuya albert, jules, migs, ron, jm, james, roman, patrick, feby, victor, jomar and renand) and i marked our second month in the seminary.

our batch is a mixture of different personalities, languages, and even of chronological ages. okay, i won’t sugarcoat, ours is not a perfect batch. but hey, no single batch is! like any other batches, we experienced confrontations, we had a lot of tampos, and of disagreements about everything and anything. but good thing, each one of us knows how to listen. and we listen very well.

just last week, fr. mols, the seminary in-charge called for an unexpected conference. it was 3:30 in the afternoon, time for work, but we found ourselves huddled in the freezing room of fr. mols. let me not divulge the specific details here. but the bottom line is that we should be responsible for each other. we are a batch, and this is our family within the community.

in a period of 60 days, i have accomplished so much. and it is tiring. how many times have i found myself complaining about the heavy responsibilities i have to carry out. with their help, i was able to manage riding through the storm. my classmates allowed me to pause for a while and be grateful because of these wonderful people god has given me this year.

in the midst of this troubled moment i face, i learned to appreciate the beauty of this batch. their innocent and unpretentious smile revive my energy and heal my brokenness.

true, they may not be the brainiacs that i dreamt them to become, but they are my angels.
i cannot ask for more.

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