Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bacon of memories

today, i was greeted by bacon and sunny side up for breakfast. this rather surprised me because today is not sunday. and it’s friday. back then, this gastronomic tandem, (and occasionally, plentiful servings of tocinos, hotdogs, and hams!) would only be served during sundays and special feasts.

fridays are considered “fish days:” tuna, dried fish and even sardines are given their chance to shine.

…the environment has indeed changed.

anyway, i’ve grown a special liking to this morning dish not because of its peculiar taste nor because it’s crunchy (the ones served this morning did not live much to this criterion), but because i enjoyed being teased by almost everyone in the batch whenever bacon is served.

the teasing spree started when one breakfast, i came to the warmers of our batch to get my serving of the rice and bacon. there were three sets of warmers serving the four batches: one is for the first years, another one is for the second years, and the third set is for the combined group of third and fourth years.

i was able to get a fair share of the rice. but when i moved into the viand container, there were no longer bacons, only crumbs were left together with the grease.

i was not the only victim of the incident. there were two others who did not receive their share. i couldn’t longer remember how i managed to survive that meal. but i guess, some of my thoughtful batch mates poured in their share of bacon to my relief.

from then on, every meal time, i would always jokingly announce to the entire batch that we should give priority first to those who were not able to get bacon. hence, every time bacon is served, my batch would laughingly shove me into the front of the queue to be ahead of the first.

Years from now, my present batch mates will become Salesians. And I am sure that this anecdote of bacon will remain—together with a host of beautiful experiences we encountered as we go on with our journey.

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