Monday, July 09, 2007


got my pc back and as i was scanning the content of my documents folder, i got across this unedited and unadulterated piece written by renan, a former classmate and classmate. he delivered this when we had our send off party.

Because Kuya Donnie used to put abbreviations in the names of the birthday celebrants or a contest such as BABE and the CRIB, I will also do it with some variations. This time I will make it a poem and it goes like this:

Sometimes, he may act like a Dalmatian, A Deficient singer and a Disturbed Dancer.
But he is the Devoted Editor of the Inside- Out, A Diligent gardener of the Sunken Garden.
And the most important is, he became a Dear brother to us.

I know he Opposed many Obstacles in his life.
He is Open- handed to help us in our problems In academics or in our personal issues.
And he looks like an Orangutan that is Outright in his Opinions.

Sometimes he is Naughty, But he is like Aling Nena’s Store,
that is always Near in times of Need.
He Nurtured a Nitwit with his kNowledge.
And with his Notions in life, he will be A Notable Novice very soon.

He may not be an Icon for everyone
But he Illustrated to us how to deal with life.
In spite of his Imperfections and Incapability in some things,
He Impressed us in his Incredible deeds
and Insuperable in his Intellectual Inquisitions.

This Editor Edifies creative writing through his articles.
Educating us with his Emphatic Experiences.
Encouraging Everyone to strive until the End,
with his Enchanting Enthusiasm in living life.

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