Thursday, July 12, 2007

faith...the second time around!

After my laptop broke down, my cellphone stopped working as well. And as they say, “they come in threes,” the DVD writer followed suit. It conked out days before I flew to Cebu.

To make things worst, I lost the receipt. The unit has been with me for less than a month. It would have been easier for me to have it repaired if I had the receipt with me since it’s still covered by warranty.

April 30 came, and since I didn’t have the time, I just left the DVD writer—unfixed.

However, I felt guilty about it. The unit was slightly used, and for a year, no one will be able to use it. Hence, in one of my conversations with my mom over the phone, I asked her to have it checked by their office technician.

The technician checked it, and told her that its motor is badly damaged. Having seen the sticker, the technician confirmed that it is still covered by warranty. He told my mom that it will be better returning the item so that they can repair it for free or better yet, replace it with a brand new one.

However, the big problem was I lost the receipt. And so, absent-mindedly, I asked my mom to go to Gilmore (a place in San Juan that is know for IT goods) and look for the shop somewhere along the second story of the main Gilmore building opposite the building from where the LRT 2 is connected. I gave this instruction because I also forgot the name of the shop.

Yeah sure. It’s an interesting adventure. No reliable shop description was given. Even I myself who bought the unit there will not be able to easily identify that shop again. And the biggest problem of all is that the receipt was not at hand.


Some weeks ago, my mom called to tell me that she got my DVD writer fixed. She told me that she didn’t even know how she made it. But she heeded my description. And all is history.

That personal account, I thought of sharing, not to show that I have faith. In fact, I don’t. But my mother has. And people like her who fix their eyes on Divine Providence help me to imitate them.

It is funny that after this year, I will, hopefully, “profess” my faith to Him. But up to now, I still grapple when it comes to hurdling difficulties that come my way. I still complain, I am still stubborn in following my way, and not His.

I pray that in this year of my novitiate, I may enjoy the gift of faith, so that I may see beyond hardships and difficulties, so that when trials come, I may see His will alone.

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  1. indeed God works in mysterious but REAL ways... God bless! Kudos! :)