Saturday, July 14, 2007

seeing green

playing football is something i love.

i am sure that gon, a former classmate and a beloved friend, will raise his eyebrowse merely running through his eyes on the very first sentence of this entry.

nah, not because i have transformed myself into an athlete, it's just that the wide field allows me to think more, to entertain possibilities, to mull things over.

i recall that in canlubang, my ideas were born--if not under the swimming pool (while scrubbing the tiles covered with mildew!)--in the vast magone and savio football fields.

it was fr. chito, in one of his good night talks few years ago, who told us that in an academic environment, vast space is necessary. the space does not only imply greater a legroom for a playground, but more importantly, the panoramic vista, allows the academic community to have a broader perspective of things. education is about depth and breadth of grasp of things. not merely about rote memorization. and that's another blog subject.

while running (it's more apt to say "waiting") after the soccer ball this afternoon, i thought of a lot of things. and it's a pity that no pen and paper was in sight.

hopefully, i am able to run after thoose thoughts which now escape me.

but then again, next sunday will be another moment to play football once again. by then, i will equip myself not only with kicking skills, but more importantly a pen and some sheets of paper.

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  1. thanks for quoting me. yes, i do remember that good night talk. i am missing so many things in the place where i spent a great deal of my most productive years. Kudos and see you soon.