Tuesday, July 24, 2007

mary and superman

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Show them their possibilities, but never choose the path for them.”

Does the quote above ring a bell? I’m sure that for all who’ve seen the film “Superman Returns,” it does.

I’m not one of those fortunate Superman fanatics who got the chance to see the movie when it was shown in theaters. As of date, I have not seen it, although, at the moment, I am devouring the book version of the film. But of course, if an opportunity comes, I will excitedly watch it (Fr. Mols, I hope you’re reading this!).

The quote above is from Jor-El, the biological father of Superman (a.k.a. Kal-El, a.k.a. Clark Kent). He deposited this message through a crystal so that Superman can still access it years after his death. To put it in proper context, Jor-El is saying something about humankind. That we can be a great people, if we wish to be.

I have not finished reading the book, but a friend told me that the thesis of the film revolves around the identity crisis of Superman. The three persons (i.e. Kal-El, Clark Kent, and Superman) inside the first superhero that I dreamt to become were put to question.

My obsession in awaiting the resolution to this life-issue of Superman brought me to reflect on the identity of the Blessed Mother. And I believe that this realization is one of the pleasant aftertastes the solemnity of Assumption has left in me.

Come to think of it, Mary’s only a simple maiden, who later became a plain housewife. But despite her simplicity, she was the only human figure so far that has been blessed with this singular grace of being assumed into heaven with her body and soul.

The assumption of her body and soul is of course her reward. She was recompensed by God when He invited her to be part of His beautiful plans for the human race
Imagine, just imagine, if all of a sudden Mama Mary turned down the invitation. She has the right to say no; she’s very much free not to accept the invitation.

But as history would tell us, she has brilliantly followed God’s call. She made her choice. And that fruit of her outstanding decision has certainly led her—including us—into something big, bigger than I, than you, bigger than life itself.

The result of that choice is the reason why we are celebrating the event of the Assumption each year. Everything fell on its right place after she eloquently and sweetly pronounced: “Yes, Your will be done.”

Of course, a second assumption is of a remote possibility. We can no longer replicate this divine act of heavenly assumption, but perhaps through the choices that we make, we become like our Mother.

Sure, Mary did not become like Superman. She did not fly like a bird nor exhibit Herculean strengths. But her power lies in the beauty of heart to make an intelligent decision allowing God to control her life. She showed us that humans can be on a par with a fictional Superman, by becoming a member of God’s kingdom.

God, in all his omnipotence, cannot and will not choose the path for us. We should realize that our choice is what makes us. Our mother has done hers—in all its brilliance!

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