Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Our Dutch confessor, Fr. Gircour, taught me three prayers when I had my confession last week.

The prayers had something to do with the stuff I brought to him for confession.

He was done dispensing my sins and was already giving me some sort of advice when he recited a prayer to me. I was instantly drawn toward it, I had to badger him to teach me the formula.

But since I couldn't clearly understand what he's trying to say, he grabbed one of the papers in front of him and scribbled the prayers himself.

The prayers above are his personal prayers. He confidently wrote them without groping for pompous words that may intimidate the novice in me. The words of his prayers are not peppered with polysyllabic words, yet reciting each of them has left me breathless.

Looking closely, the prayers all gently refer to the hearts of Mary and Jesus...