Thursday, August 09, 2007

Of accepting reality

Last night, I got a call from Bro. Rusty, a former classmate. The call was anticipated. I sent a message to one of his community members to tell him that I needed to talk to him. I am currently preparing for the birthday of our brother assistant and I thought that he could be of help since they were in just one community last year.

The phone rang minutes after he sent his confirmation that he'll be ringing me up.

The conversation was rather short, less than 10 minutes, but we talked about just anything: from my blog to his, to my (mal)adjustments in the novitiate to his personal issues, and ultimately, with the main reason why I asked him to call.

I told him that it's only these days that I am totally relishing the experience of being a novice. the first three months, I reckon, were not spent quite well. He listened to me patiently as I went on sharing with him some snippets of my novitiate life.

I guess, things have become different when I accepted the reality that the individuals I wished to be with me in this year of my novitiate wouldn't be able to join me. They have chosen a different life to live. Or somebody has chosen a different life for them.

The companions I have with me now, whom I considered to be mere companions, although gradually, have become a source of refuge when trying time comes. I did not choose them to become my friends. But circumstances have led us to become a friend to each one.

With much politeness, he told me that I have reached this point because I was in difficulty. I can only agree with him.