Sunday, August 05, 2007

(un)lazy afternoon

we were having lunch when fr. wilbert commented that it's a "lazy sunday." i told myself that maybe it's because of the weather. the sun has been hiding since this morning.

...and thinking that i would have to wait until 2 PM before going up to the novitiate house made me agree with him. i felt lazy staying down there in the seminary to wait for the prenovices and aspirants show at 2PM. only by then can we go up to the novitiate house.

sunday afternoon is devoted to apostolate in the seminary compound. we (noble and i ) just got back from our apostolate in camella, and after lunch, we were given the instructions to be with the kids first before going up. the prenovices and aspirants are only available for the dbyc by 2PM. by then, we're free to go up to the novitiate.

trying to be obedient, i transformed myself into an extrovert lot to mingle with the boys. and since i am more familiar with the basketball guys (i call them basketeers after the tv cartoon show "captain planet and the planeteers!") i decided to linger at the court than to roam around the vicinity.

as minutes went by, i noticed that kids started to come. still, i played safe at the courtside trying to tame one of the boys (his name is ron) who was alone. while not paying attention to him, i would cheer up the boys playing basketball with "wow!" and "galing!" though, i really wasn't sure if they did appreciate it. i forgot how to laud in cebuano. and there goes again the linguistic barrier...tsk! tsk!

anyway, when ron escaped from my sight, i was left at the courtside by my lonesome. and i was so tempted to bring out my palm to consume the remaining chapter of HP7. but i decided that i won't yield to that sinister idea. and guess what? it worked!

and what is more is that i organized a mini basketball league by inviting the boys (and even myself) to play. as far as i can remember, this is my first time to organize something of this sort. the experience was a notch higher than exhilarating.

i maximized the time for asssistance.
sweated a lot.
and helped my team achieve victory.