Saturday, October 20, 2007

On gratitude

This is my humble contribution to the event "Philippine thank you day," which is held today within the archipelago of the country.
I remember that when I was in Canlubang, it has been a habit for me to think of "five things I am grateful for" and carefully write it in my journal. I did this consistently before I finally bid the passing day goodbye.
A cursory glance at my journal included the following things:
  • The light time with Lonx and Jake
  • Ron's help during my scanning
  • Witnessed how Jesvir and Marnel mightily defended their thesis
  • The chocolate bar Jesvir gave me
  • Fr. Joe's presence during the meditation for confession
  • Dennis' thoughtfulness
  • T-shirt I got from Jules
  • Piatos Itchan gave me
I shared this once with a companion and after going through the pages of my journal, he was amazed and instantly affirmed the writer in me. Hands down, I realized that the writer in me does the work. But the one who initiates it is the grateful side of me.
It's just that it feels good to count the good things that took place especially when things don't go the way you expect them to be. I believe that the object of gratitude is not only the person who caused me something good but also, and more importantly, the person in me who recognized the goodness of the person.
Anyway, I realized that one thing is common among the items above. Each entry contains individuals. The good deed, or the thing, or the sweet chocolate mattered but I realize that nothing compares with the "gift of person" I receive from each of them.

This English aphorism refrains in my mind "The best thing in the world is not a thing."