Friday, October 19, 2007


I am providing a hand to Fr. Wilbert in preparing the booklet that we'll use for our mid-year evaluation next week. He gave it to me last night. The lay-out was okay, but it needs some updating. It was the booklet used last year.

Plus, the to-do list I posted yesterday needs to be eradicated the soonest possible time.

Anyway, this afternoon, we were invited to give the unfreezers to the participants of the Social Communications arm of the congregation. They're here for a formation meeting on information and communication. The affair is being held at the Don Bosco Retreat House, just a few steps from where I am staying. A related article may be read by clicking this link.

It was a real challenge for us to do the unfreezers thinking that the participants come from various cultural/linguistic origins. But we were able to breathe in some youthful spirit.