Thursday, November 22, 2007

Bishop Buzon visits us

Bishop Pat Buzon of the Diocese of Kabankalan delivered the good night talk last night.
He’s in Cebu with his priests for a retreat in Talavera (I think they’re staying in the retreat house by the Augustinians.) He updated us about his recent trips abroad, and made known to us his observations on the landscape of Catholicism in the neighboring Asian regions. He told us that the young people are clamoring for authenticity in living the faith and he challenged us to “give the young a Spirituality.”

He joined us for a supper and gladly obliged when we requested for a photo op. Last night, I realized that he’s still using his cross when he had his perpetual profession. Fr. Wilbert, our Socius, was also wearing his. Fr. Nioret teased them that we’re fortunate to have “two bishops” in the picture.

Thanks to Br. Louie for willingly taking the picture for our sector!