Thursday, December 06, 2007

The balut experience

We're tapped to serve for the Mass of Br. Carlo's Silver Jubilee of being a Salesian. So lat night, we had a one day respite of the nightly caroling and proceeded instead to the Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes at Punta. Fr. Mel facilitated the practice. It was a relief that it took us only two rounds (which lasted for 1.5 hours) to practice.
One of my companions was expecting that Fr. Mel (a liturgist) would linger on explaining the reason of our every single movement in the liturgy. Thank God that that did not happen.
On our way home, we sounded off for a "drive through." The fun went on and reached its climax when we were nearing the Mc Donalds' store. But Fr. Mel did not pay attention.
I decided to take a nap since it's about 10.30 already, but was awaken when I noticed that the van stopped. In my unconsciousness, I heard Fr. Mel saying "You find a balut vendor."
I volunteered to do the scouring since I wanted to see Tabunoc at night. The place was filled with people. Vendors were all around. It was like Divisoria in all angles!
When we found a vendor, we told him to go to the parking area instead since it's not safe to leave the van. We're about 13, so we were able to convince the vendor to pedal (he was on a pedicab) to the direction of the immobile van.
The balut was superb. The last time I tasted one was when we had it for our noche buena during the Christmas eve. We reached the novitiate house before 11 PM.
Another day was over in the novitiate.