Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A painful goodbye?

Last night, I did something wrong.

A piece of tattered plastic floating in the washing tub made me realize it.

It dawned on me that I had placed my denim jeans inside the washing machine forgetting to remove the remote control of my camera.

I was in state of shock when I found out about it.

And with much effort, I removed the soaked pants one after the other while I maneuvered the dial to drain off the water. It's like I was trying to save someone whom I know has been under the water for a long time.

The remote control revealed itself when I finally emptied the tub. It was still in one piece. This relieved me a bit. The plastic shell didn't indicate any signs that it underwent a major battle protecting itself against the whirlpool of the washing machine.

I tested it last night after making sure that I dried all the water off. But it was a futile effort.

Oh well.

I think a new battery will do the trick.