Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Caroling (first of about 14 nights)

Last night, we started to carol two houses. The first stop was in a home of one Salesian Cooperator. There we filled the hearts of the family by our "melodious" voices and wild gimmicks. In return, they filled our stomach with gastronomic delights!

The second was not exactly a home, but a retreat house run by the Franciscan sisters (OSF).
The sisters did not allow themselves to enjoy the fun. They called the staff of the retreat house to join them. A makeshift stage was readied, complete with the "title of the program" neatly scribbled on the whiteboard.

It's good to personally experience that the spirit of giving and welcoming each one is very much alive in Cebu, or at least, in these houses we visited last night. It's touching that aside from the preparations these "families" did for us, they sat down with us and they made their presence felt.

So far, I still am enjoying the experience. I know that time will come that I will dread the nightly house hopping spree that will last for the next two weeks, but for the meantime, let the good moments overwhelm me.