Sunday, December 16, 2007

Introducing Gabby

Last December 8, a Japanese spitz puppy was brought to us. It was given to Fr. Nioret by a family of a former aspirant.

Since I was the kitchen-in-charge, the task of taking care of him was given to me.
I would give him a bath, prepare his food (he's only two months old, but since we don't have a supply of milk, we have been giving him solids already) and clean his "sculptures" which he would randomly drop (these days, very frequently!) in the various portions of the novitiate house.

The picture below shows him doing his "act" on my very own study table. Good thing, my palm was spared.

Since he came on the 8th of December, we named him "Gabriel," after the Angel Gabriel. His nickname is Gabby and his last name is Concepcion (sound familiar?!) Anyway, it's only of late that I realized that putting the initials G (Gabriel) and C (Concepcion) would make it sync with the name of our group: GC novices.

He prefers to sleep beside the pots just outside the house despite the makeshift doghouse Br. Dominggus ingenuously constructed for him. On his first nights, we had him sleep in the dormitory since he was crying. However, Br. Dominggus banned him entry to the dorm.

So far, he respects that he should also follow the "clausura" since he's not a novice.