Monday, December 17, 2007

Punong Puno

Kulayan natin ang Pasko
( Punong Puno ng Pagmamahal, ca 2006 )

Part of the celebration of the Christmas season in Canlubang is the fundraising drive for the seminary fund. The nightly caroling spree, the calendars for sale, and the Punong Puno ng Pagmamahal immediately come to my mind.

For the past five years now, being a prenovice in Canlubang means you'll take charge of Punong Puno.

Scouring my hard drive, I found the plan sheet for the said project of the batch. A portion of the rationale can be read below:

For the past five years, the prenovitiate sector has been basking on the support of the local community of Canlubang through its generous support in “Punong Puno” Project of the seminary.

The perennial affair of hanging Christmas decorations on a make shift Christmas tree may have become a little passé. The people may have already grown tired of doling out for a worthy cause but the means of asking for funds has grown monotonous throughout the years.

Hence, this year, we aim to continue what has been started, but we thought of putting more color and ingenuity into it!

Joseph did the over all design. Jesvir and Gon constructed the tree. Migs helped did the stenciling of the designs, and I worked on selling the project to the formators by putting the plan in black and white.
The fund drive was not a smashing success as we dreamt it to be. But, the people enjoyed painting on the tree, and that's what mattered most.