Monday, December 10, 2007

On sharing

In the novitiate, late Sunday afternoon is devoted for sharing. Topics revolve around four aspects: vows (poverty, chastity and obedience), brotherly correction, faith sharing and affirmation.

We hardly shared about vows. This is our seventh month in the novitiate, and we only had a round so far of each of the vows.

Brotherly correction, hmmm we had about two rounds of this. I think, among the four topics to share on, this is not something we look forward to. Personally, I don't find it easy to be confronted by my companions and present to me their complains about my behavior. But so far, the sessions weren't that intense. My companions are generally gentle and patient. No much problem about this. In fact, whenever we had this session, there's the familiar feeling of greater unity among each of us. Yeah, something to that effect.

Of the four topics, faith sharing got the most number of rounds to date. Whenever one or some or all the four of us need to share some stuff that concern our apostolate/vocational journey/loves/prayer life/etc. (in random order), we immediately go for this.

This is one beauty of the novitiate life, sharing is embedded in the schedule. Immersed with the tasks of finishing our requirements, or thinking about the next possible variation to our Thursday Mass, we set aside this period to share our thoughts, feelings and life to each other.