Sunday, December 09, 2007

Pensive mood with Marnel

Marnel came last Sunday (Dec 2).

He's a former seminary companion in Canlubang, and one of my closest buddies even up to now that we are practically living in two different worlds.

We saw him for the first time last Friday (Nov 30). We (Migs, Boni and I) were all surprised to see him standing at the door of the novitiate house. It's not everyday that we welcome visitors from Manila. And when such moments come, the experience is always great.

But since I was on a panic mode due to my on going preparation for my recollection talk, I had to slip by quietly. Boni and Migs were there to entertain him, anyway.

I said sorry when I saw him during game time that afternoon. He just shrugged it off. He asked if I have a spare time for a little chat.

And then we parted ways.

Marnel reminded me of things that I have been missing since I became a novice: friendship.

Don't get me wrong. My companions in the novitiate are good. And I'd like to believe that I am also one. But life has its mysteries. And this is one thing that I do look forward to unlock, in the coming days.

Goodness is not always a criterion for a friendship to blossom.

I recall that my friends were generally good. But some don't fall in the lexiconic definition of the word. But there is a spark. I call a person a friend if I know him to be one. And how do I know one? I don't know.

I digress. On with Marnel.

Marnel belonged to the batch in the seminary that I considered my most favorite—second only to my own. And it felt good to see him around. I felt even better when we had that afternoon chat.
We spent a good two hours of non-stop friendly chat. I inquired about his plans. He’s the magna cum laude (along with Migs) of the batch and it’s pretty interesting to know about his options. He also asked about my life “inside the walls.”

This portion reminded of my visits to Canlubang, when as an outsider, I would visit my former seminary companions and catch up with their lives. I sensed back then that such move would tempt me more to consider returning back. I did.
The rest is history.

Now, I am not sure if something similar will happen to Marnel.
But I hope he will.