Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Out to shop

We are out today to dispose the cash gift we received from the community. After seeing off the family of Boni at the airport, we immediately headed to SM Cebu to shop. James, an aspirant from Canlubang, went with us. He is the big guy seated at the right.
We arrived 45 minutes before the mall opened, good thing, Starbucks came to our rescue. Boni and Migs sacrificed a certain portion of their cash gift so that we could stay inside the café while waiting for the mall to open.
It’s a funny thought how the Philippines can be considered as a poor country when its people are eager "consumers." Anyway, I was totally clueless as regards the things I’d like to buy for myself. I need nothing as of the moment.
But my wish to maximize the chance of buying something that I might use in the future prevailed. I bought a pair of rubber slippers and a card reader. I also bought some special papers which I could use for my Salesianity project.

After getting these stuff, we met Br. Erik and Post. Sammy at the CDR-King. They went with us to meet the rest of the group who were waiting for us at the National Bookstore.

We had a spicy lunch at Persian Palate afterwards.