Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Thoughts on christmas

After supper, Fr. Ronel narrated to us his experience yesterday when he went to a nearby shopping mall.
He was thrown off guard seeing practically all floors of the mall filled with last minute shoppers. Seeing the kilometric queues of people eager to pay for their merchandise, he got discouraged in buying. People must have been wanting to be politically correct in doling out presents since the season calls for it.
He claimed that gift giving is not the true essence of Christmas, nor the glittering lights hung on the trees.
Christmas is about a person. This person is Christ.
And the litmus test of whether we are capable of truly celebrating the event is when we are able to reach out to our neighbors—especially those whom we don’t like, when we can forgive or ask for forgiveness, when we can strike a more meaningful relationship with others.
Only by undertaking such will we truly celebrate the essence of Christmas.
I guess it will take a long while before I’ll be able to celebrate its real meaning.