Monday, December 31, 2007

Random events

Bishop Pat came last night. I was in the front pew and I only realized he was there when we finished our vespers. When Fr. Nioret asked him if he needed something, he simply replied "a supper."

Over the table, we were obviously star struck by his presence.

Nobody from the group was talking except for Fr. Nioret. He had to practically invite us to say something. I managed to speak and asked him whether he's been to Germany recently. He recalled that he was there last September.

I got to know about his trip when Ays, a Filipino working in Germany who happened to visit my blog site, queried me whether I know Bishop Pat. Ays told me that he’s interested to help the bishop with his developmental projects on young people in the diocese.

Fr. Nioret seemed to get the cue and told the bishop that I'm into blogging. He added that the council is reviewing the rules in the use of the Internet since some Salesians are not comfortable with it. “We are to focus on our formation as ‘young Salesians,’ and we might be out of focus because of the technology,” he ended.

The good bishop interjected with this question: “Why, are the old ones in focus?”


We're cleaning the dishes after the supper when Migs told me that my mom is waiting on the phone. I grabbed the food for the dogs which I prepared earlier and bidding goodbye to my companions, I immediately rushed to the refectory.

After exchanging some pleasantries and swapping of new year greetings, she asked me if I'm happy.

That question stupefied me. I never thought it's coming. There was a dead air. And before I knew it, she was repeating the question once again.

I coughed out a cold "yeah!" And I thought that I had to say it again, with conviction. "I'm happy 'ma."

She seemed to be convinced.

Let me bid goodbye to the year 2007 with a glimpse of how I spent the last day of 2006.