Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy birthday, Migs!

Today, is Migs' birthday and we went to Portofino in Mactan to celebrate this special event! Here is one of the best photos of him I took today . Yeah, he's not really the subject of the photo, but his antics (and not to mention his color!) practically stole the scene from James (an aspirant from Canlubang--on vacation-- who went with us to the resort) and Boni and emerged as the most prominent smile inside the frame.

I'm writing this entry while he is burning the phone talking to his family. So I guess, this entry will not be censored and will be uploaded as it is.
Seriously, it was such a wonderful time spending it with the rest of my companions. Not because of the food nor the sand, sea or uhum something else...but because it was spent well with my companions.
I hope Migs enjoyed the day in as much as we all did.