Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Monday Bike

Believe me, Br. Dominggus is an indefatigable brother assistant. He loves to explore his environs. And nobody can stop him. Nothing. Even Noble and I who are certified lovers of solitude.

And so, yesterday, Easter Monday, under the smoldering sun, we biked to Naga.It took us nearly one hour to cover the 10-kilometer distance.

We left the novitiate house with a rather gloomy sky. Just the same, I brought my clip-on dark shades (I wear spectacles to protect my eyes from dust), but decided to go without a cap to cover my head. Some five minutes along the trail, I realized that it was a bad call. The sun was in its smoldering "hotness" and the road, a baking furnace.

Time check: it was nearly 3 in the afternoon.

But I did not allow the sun to dampen the "adventurer" in me. I pedaled more, vigorously. I befriended the gush of wind who accompanied my acceleration. The majestic landscape of the hazy city sitners inspired me to continue on with the journey.

In our about 10 biking sessions for the past 10 months, I say that the affair yesterday I enjoyed the most. In fact, this is the first (and perhaps, the last time) that I'm writing a blog entry about our biking spree. It's beyond words.