Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Re-election of the Rector Major

I was on my way to the chapel for our morning prayers when I saw this cartoon (made by Fr. Nioret, by novice master) on our whiteboard. I was still sleepy, and therefore, had to stop to read closely the words in the message balloon. Chavez until 2014!

I immediately grasped the message. The incumbent Rector Major was re-elected.

One of the agenda slated in the current General Chapter (which takes place every six years) is the election of the Rector Major. It did not surprise me. Re-election was in the offing. Fr. Chavez has not only been a unifying factor in the sojourn of the congregation in the modern era, but he's also a father, a fundamental trait which the members of the Chapter were also looking for.

In his 33rd update sent via e-mail, Fr. Ronel, the delegate of the Southern Philippine province to the General Chapter, and the self-styled official correspondent (like a seasoned journalist, he updates us with the day-to-day affairs of the GC, with appropriate photos to boot!) he had these words to say:

The oldest member of the Chapter, Fr Jozsef Havasi (79), Provincial of Hungary, was then called to ask the Rector Major elect whether he accepts or not. In his response, Don Pascual Chavez made reference again to his response six years ago where he said that his YES was a continuation of his ‘yes’ during his first profession. He said that he opened himself always to what God sent him including the death of his brother, the funeral of whom he was not able to attend because the salesian family sprituality days was taking place at the same time in Rome that time. It was at this point that he paused twice, moved to tears although it lasted only a few seconds. He quickly regained his composure saying that God has given him more than 16,000 brothers, and the poor and abandoned youth to love and to care for; and that wanting to continue to offer his life – he finally said: YES! A very timely ‘yes’ indeed, for today is the usual date for the Solemnity of the Annunciation!

I am the dashing bespectacled pre-novice above beside the rector major.
This is one of my precious photographs.

We'll continue to journey until 2014 and beyond! Viva Don Bosco! Viva Don Chavez!