Saturday, July 05, 2008

New masthead

The masthead below was designed by Br. Dominggus, my brother assistant when I was a novice. When I asked him to help me with the layout of my blog, he gladly obliged to do it since it would be another opportunity for him to flex some muscles as he was studying Photoshop.

The photo was taken at Portofino Beach resort in Cebu, and it represented this blog for the past five months or so.

Blame it on the change of my “state of life” or perhaps due to a transfer of “geographic location,” but I felt that the headshot above must go.

When I opened the idea to Br. Jomar, our present brother assistant, I did not get an immediate “yes.” He’s such a busy young man. I waited for the perfect timing, and that opportunity came this morning.

He tinkered with our reliable Acer laptop (my Asus laptop is pushing five years old, it’s too old for some graphic works. He’ll have to rest. Soon.), opened the Photoshop program, browsed over the tons of photos I have in my hard disk. After conferring with me about the photo, voila! It was done in less than 15 minutes.

This will be my masthead from this time on:

I just asked him to change the color of the pen to red. To emphasize the slant of this blog.

Let me say something about the photo. As in my past mastheads, it was taken along the seashore. I am always fascinated with the panoramic vista of the coast and the endless stream of sand and the line of the horizon.

But this time, it was not on the shore of the Queen City of the South, but along the pristine beach of Pagudpod, a paradise-like location somewhere in the North.

Br. Jomar also took the photo.