Wednesday, July 16, 2008

WYD '08

I’ve been scanning the news the past few days and Australia seems to be enjoying the limelight. Blimey! No I'm not talking about the Ms. Universe pageant, I am referring to the 23rd World Youth Day which begins today (I told you I'm following a different time zone!).

It's all systems go for the biggest youth activity of the year which takes place in Sydney, Australia this year.

I noticed though that the secular media would focus more on the “sidebars” of the affair. Say for example, the 9-month or so kitten which was given to the Pope (it is reported that His Holiness loves cats!) to serve as his companion for the next couple of days, the pre-tuned piano (the Pope is into playing classical pieces) which was readied for his enjoyment while he is resting at the Opus-Dei retreat house. Well, I enjoyed such trivial information, but how about giving us some meaty news like the content of the homily of Archbishop Pell?

IMHO, the World Youth Day should not be seen only using the eyes of the secular world since after all, it is a spiritual event. Pope Benedict XVI hailed the event as "the new Pentecost." And you know what? I believe so. No, not because the Holy Father said so, but I experienced the WYD magic itself 13 years ago when the WYD was held in this country. Seeing the late Pope John Paul II few meters away aboard the Pope mobile was more than enough to treasure the experience.

Our community has been praying for the success of the WYD, not because of the partial indulgence the Holy Father promised to those who would pray for it, but because it’s our way of journeying with the young. After all, it is a Church event conceived for them.

Incidentally, Ron and Jerome, two of our aspirants here in Canlubang and my blogging classmates, are in Australia since last week for the World Youth Day. Hey guys, don't forget to bring me some joeys! hahaha

By the way, I used the logo of the 23rd World Youth Day. I read the policy of the organizers regarding its use. And I did my best to reach them via e-mail. But as of my blogging time, nothing came. :-)