Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Commuting home

I recall an incident in the Biographical memoirs when Don Bosco had not yet established a school for his students. He did not have any choice but to send his boys to some teachers in the city to receive private instruction.

Don Bosco aired his concern about it since some of the boys’ companions, their classmates who were not from the oratory, were not always exemplary. And so As soon as he could have a little personnel of his own, he decided to start holding classes in the premises of the oratory.

I mentioned about that since we somehow experienced the same today as we had to take the public transportation coming back here in the seminary. Fr. Rey, our rector, had to fly to Cebu this evening and since nobody among the four of us know how to skillfully traverse the roads in Manila, we left our vehicle at DBTI and commuted

And I’d like to share my two cents worth reflection.

We’re fortunate because we usually have our own comfortable van for use. And the chance of taking the public transportation happens only once in a blue moon. We gained a firsthand experience of how ordinary Filipinos undergo as they take the public transport on a daily basis.

This experience should push me to be thankful because I enjoy such privilege. This thankfulness should be translated into two things: a greater compassion for those who have less, and a greater appreciation for what I have.