Sunday, October 19, 2008

Some social calls

Two of my former students Neil and Cyril came over last week. I promised to write something about their visit. But my schedule got messed up and ended up delaying the write up of this entry. And before the new semester hits me breathless anew, I’m doing this one to fulfill that promise.

Neil and Cyril represent the group of students, which I taught for the very first time. And because they’re the first, I consider them my favorite students (by default!). That was way back seven years ago. I was just an aspiring Salesian and they were only 14 years old then. Now, some of them are already (responsible!) family men. I hope you are reading this Pareng Mikes!

It felt good how they could afford to set aside some of their priceless time to spend some moments with me. Of course, they arranged the visit first. Neil dropped an offline message in my YM and Cyril, well, we just saw each other in the cyberspace some days before.

Aside from the grim reality that I am ageing, it felt good seeing them. Really! I am touched by that thoughtful gesture. Cyril absented himself from work and Neil had to take one day off from his precious semestral break. Not to mention the fact that Neil lives a hundred of kilometers away from the seminary from where I live.

I gathered that Neil is on his fifth year as a materials engineering student in U.P. (the premiere state university of the Philippines), while Cyril just passed the board (he’s now a medical technologist!) after graduating from the U.S.T. (its kilometric title goes like “the Royal, Pontifical and Catholic University of the Philippines!” Whew!)

After exchanging updates about ourselves, we went on discussing some inevitable stuff: the past. We talked about some interesting personalities in the batch. Some names and faces of their teachers were also raised. I just find it strange how we can rattle on past events over and over again, and each time, the narratives seem to become more colorful and alive. Especially with how we contribute our own version of events and come up with a more synthesized and holistic story.

Oh boy! How fascinating it is to relive those days!

Thanks for the visit! I hope to see you one of these days again.

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  1. Wow, iba na itsura ni Neil at Cyril! Payat na si Neil, si Cyril hugis Coke na (in can, joke!) Good luck sa inyong dalwa...

    That gradpic just brings back the old highschool memories. Ang babata pa ng itsura namin..

    Malas nga lang, wala kami nila Arlo, Paul at Eleazar sa pic na yan, hehe..