Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Marrying an idea?

Br. Mon Callo comes to Canlubang on Tuesdays to meet us for our Prayer and Spiritual Direction class. I appreciate the sessions we have with him—it's like I'm transported back to my old good novitiate days, where the ideals and perfection and the very best of religious life come in to fore.

In our session this morning, he finished discussing the guidelines of carrying out spiritual direction. He left us with so much things to reflect on as regards the ministry.

But the thing which struck me was about the importance of knowing each other. He clarified that the relationship within the confines of marriage should make the couple discover the person of each other.

In passing, he mentioned that most men think they are the luckiest because they ended up marrying their "ideal wives." But he was quick to note that they should not. Since if he winds up tying the knot with his ideal half, it should not be a blissful event because he has not married a person; for he weds an idea.

His idea.