Monday, November 24, 2008

Sa Pusod ng Ina, Sa Puso ng Ama

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We're staging an academy on the 6th of December in celebration of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Mother. This year’s academy is a sequel of last year’s (Ang Paghihintay ni Inay). If last year zeroed in on the sharing of the invited mothers as regards their waiting and accompanying their children as they go through the important moments of their lives (i.e., deliver moments in hospital, etc.), this year’s academy will bring the fathers to the limelight, it will be their venue for their testimonies.

God the Father’s plan to send forth His only Son entails preparation. Specifically, this covers as well the selection of the woman who would be the mother of His Son.

The academy will bring light to the question “How does a human father prepare for such an essential function?” This role entails a careful planning of marriage, selecting the woman he would marry, determining the number of kids he would want to have and envisioning the whole picture of his family at present. We’ll journey with the fathers as they go down the memory lane and relive those tales. But more than focusing on the calculating persona of the father, his heart will be in the forefront.

However, the story of the Father and of the fathers goes on. The plan of the Father continues in our own stories. Our own personal journey is part of His great plan.

This academy, more than anything else, will not just be about Mary, but it’s about God planning everything.

You're invited!

Tanghalang Seminaryo at Don Bosco Seminary
8:00 PM
December 6, 2008

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