Monday, November 03, 2008

Prayer for Self-Dedication

bless this trembling offering of myself

as I endeavor to touch the lives
of my brothers and sisters
with the sweet and awesome love
You willed me to experience first myself.

Make me Your humble instrument,

a remarkable sign
and efficient bearer of your love,

to your people,

especially to the young.

Help me to choose always

to seek You
in the midst of my brothers and sisters

who are lost, last and least.

Grant that I may be filled with joy in serving You

As I offer myself to work for them.

I make this prayer complete
through Christ
my Lord,

my Savior,

my All.


1 comment:

  1. Bro. thanks for this prayer. This is just what i need. I have a confession to make... i am in what we call "spiritual drought" right now. I miss going to church but since i don't have a driver's license yet, the more it's hard for me to go to church. my hubby was baptised as a catholic but he is not religious and since he heard all those scandals about catholic priests here molesting little boys, the more he doesn't want to go to church. i was able to make him bring me to church just once since i came here and that was when i had my miscarriage and i was crying so hard and he pitied me so he brought me to church but that was all about it.

    i failed my driving test twice and hope i will past the 3rd one so i can go to church on my own. please pray for me. thanks