Sunday, December 07, 2008

Football match: the Theologians vs the Sems

A handful of our students of theology came for a football match against the football varsity of the aspirants one Thursday afternoon, some weeks ago.

Since their team lacked some players, they asked some Salesians within the fence of Canlubang to join their team.

The Team Salesians

The aspirants were up against not only the Salesians, but they were up against all odds. They may have the stamina and agility to run, but they lack the experience. The combined force of our theologians and some Salesians has it.

The Team Aspirants

The team Salesians is a formidable team in all aspects. Br. Darwin was a fantastic goal keeper who could seize the flying ball mid air to stop it from entering the goal. Asp. Barry, a freshhorn faithfully guarded the goal of the other team. He did commit a number of blunders, but he stood tall preventing the Team Salesian from scoring more.

Br. Rosmond also did well. He’s one dynamic player who fused skills and brilliance. His agility has given the young aspirants a run for their money.

Salesians who couldn’t play satisfied themselves biking all they want around the perimeter. Despite this, their Salesian presence was felt.

If I’m not mistaken, the most ‘seasoned’ player in the field is no other than my rector, Fr. Rey. But he proved to everyone that football is not just about youthfulness agility and stamina, but above everything else, it is about skill. And in all counts, he has it. This, we have to give to him.

It was a passionate match. But it was obvious how the aspirants showed their respect to the senior ones. But this was also true for the Salesians.

A the end of the match, the Team Aspirants emerged as the clear winners: 4-3.

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  1. whoa. that's a surprising win, compared to the games before.