Thursday, December 11, 2008

SignBearer...almost there!

Jerome and I (and Br. Jomar!) worked hard for the cover page of the SignBearer, and it's a welcome relief to note that we're almost there...

One of the tasks of an editor-in-chief is to penetrate the minds of his staff so that he can conjure some thoughts that will represent the thoughts of everyone. I hope that this piece below serves its purpose.

Here's the 'from the staff' column of the publication.

  • Teachers and Salesians mingle with students during break time.
  • Occasional visits to the Chapel.
  • Rosary in our pockets.
  • Warm family spirit.

As part of the Educative Pastoral Family of Don Bosco Canlubang, we have grown so accustomed to the ideas above. In fact, for each of us who exists in this 13-hectare land area we fondly call 'home,' they are not mere ideas, but more than that, they have become a living tradition that has been passed on to us by no less than our Salesians, who once upon a time, walked in the august halls of this institution when they were students themselves.

One of the respected traditions in Don Bosco Canlubang is the SignBearer.

The publication has been passed on from one Salesian to another. This year, we take up the challenge to keep this legacy alive.

This issue of the SignBearer, a revival after some years of hiatus, carries with it an impetus to resurrect an important tradition of the school (don't fail to read Fr. Eli's column inside!).

It is not only a manifestation of the apostolate of the media, left by Don Bosco to his Salesians, we believe that it is also a proof that the students have a voice in this family.

In this resurrected issue of the SignBearer, we hope that this message is heard. Loud and clear.

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