Saturday, December 27, 2008

Holiday sundries part 2

It was Christmas Eve.

We invited Emily, my brother’s fiancée, to come over for dinner. It was just the four of us: Papa, Mama, Emily and I. I swear, I was not comfortable. The task of breaking the ice fell obviously on my shoulder. And to think that I am introverted.

To her credit, Emily seems to be at ease eating with us. I learnt that it was not her first time to dine with my parents. I exactly don’t know whose idea it is to invite her to eat here on Sundays; but I guess, it makes all of us know her more. And I am sure, she also gains some first hand knowledge of her family-to-be.


After the Christmas Eve Mass celebration, I thought of greeting Fr. Vic, our parish priest.

He was in his usual warm tone when he saw me lining up along with the rest of the parishioners asking for his blessing. Why did you not come the past days?” I just smiled sheepishly. I couldn’t think of any decent excuse, it’s just that I’d rather stay at home than to flaunt my presence outside the house.

He invited me to eat. Realizing how I was guilty of not showing myself to him, I immediately acceded. It’s like my way of keeping up with him.

We were joined by some sacristans and parish staff. Halfway into the meal, I was surprised when he thanked me for mentioning him in this blog. I immediately recalled what I wrote in that entry, hoping that I did not put any trivial information there. To evade the topic, I mentioned that Fr. Hokan, our then parish priest, also maintains a website himself.

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