Thursday, December 25, 2008

Let the echo of our voices

I know, by this time most of the wrapped gifts have been exposed.
And I know too, that some of us might have been disappointed by what the unwrapped items reveal to us.
Christmas is one season we don't want to encounter environmentalists. You know, those who recycle, re-use, and re-wrap gifts.
But the origin of gift-giving taking place during this season got its inspiration from the Gift of the Father.
The Father is not a cheapskate. Generous as he is, He wanted to give only the finest gift He could think of for all of us.
And so, He sent His Son.
But unlike the most attractive gifts that we have now, His only Son who was "wrapped in strips of cloth and lying in a manger" (cf Luke 2:12) has become the Savior who freed us from slavery of sin.
As we celebrate Christmas today, let me share with you this music video I got from my treasure chest.

We presented this during the Christmas party of the Salesians in the FIS province last year.
The song, entitled Let the echo of our voices, was penned by Migs when we were still novices. Check out his blog if you wish to see the chords. But I am posting the lyrics below. Thanks, Migs!

Let the echo of our voices
Be heard in all the land
From the seas and to the mountains
May the Lord guide your hand
Into the fountain of his mercy,
To the wellsprings of his love
To God’s peace and joy and hope and grace
May he bless you with his love.*

At first we though we were alone
In this dark abyss of living
But then one day, your light has shone
And you came and started giving
And offered all you can to say
That life depends on loving
You taught this to our hearts,
And now we pray with all our lives:(Repeat *)

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