Friday, April 24, 2009

Back to blogging

I'm back from a five-day mandatory spiritual annual retreat.


A retreat is an important 'pause' from our ordinary life as religious. It is where the heavy schedule in the seminary is set aside, albeit for only a week, to give way to a longer time of prayer, reflection or simply, quietude.

Yes, the people of the secular world may call it a respite, a vacation.

I guess, in some respects, it really is.

This retreat made me a chance to be with myself and the person I call my God in the midst of an environment that is much suitable for prayers.

The moment did not only give me the chance to reflect, pray and meditate. It also afforded me with the opportunity to renew my ties with some friends and to keep up with them.

But if there is anything this retreat has left in me (aside from the many rosaries I was able to make), it is the thought of the year ahead.

My second and final year as a postnovice brother, and the penultimate year before the much dreaded practical training years set in.