Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Working holy week

We're off to Paete today to accompany Fr. Rey to gather footages and interview key persons for his dissertation. He's working on a research which fuses theology and drama (following the works of Balthasar in theo drama).

It will be my second time in Paete. I was there three years ago when I accompanied Br. Melo when he brought their religious statues for some enhancements. I enjoyed it there since there’s something in the place. I cannot explain it; but with all the statues and paintings and outputs of the people lined up in various stalls, I could even sense that the wind they breathe there nourish artistry of the people.  

And then, this Saturday, we'll head to Angono to cover the Salubong. The closest English word I could think of equivalent to this is 'encounter.' It refers to reenactment of the first encounter of the risen Christ and his still grieving mother. We’ll conduct interview again with individuals connected with the celebration.

Yup. It will be a working break for us. And we'll surely miss the solemn Easter vigil rites of Canlubang. But no regrets since I am thrilled to experience a different high in terms of the cultural significance of these religious celebrations in the lives of Filipinos living in these areas of the country.