Monday, April 06, 2009

YGO Touchdown

I dragged my feet to attend the ‘touchdown’ of the youth groups of one school we were going to on Fridays. I mentioned that school in the past, being one of the four places of our weekly apostolate.

That event signaled the conclusion of its youth group activities. And I didn't want to go. 

I was nursing a headache before lunch. It must be the weather. The pain was out of this world. The throbbing sensation in my temple area forced to down me. Saturday night is my most favorite in all the evenings here since it's a little free. But I had no choice. I was already groggy. Whew. That was a long digression.

Going back, I know that my headache was just a secondary reason why I didn't want to go. The camp we were trying to organized was thrown out due to the reason which we (the group leaders and I) didn’t know.

I have to be honest that I felt bad; not for me since I had attended many camps; this affair is not for me but for the members. I got the drift of the leaders of the group when I sat down with them to make some informal assessments of the performance of the group this year. I could only sense frustration and disappointment over the many things that happened or did not happen in the group.

Let me just say this, there was this big temptation for me to not be present in that affair as a way of making them feel that I was not pleased with the response of some parties as regards the efforts of the leaders of the group. But thinking that this would the last activity for the year, and there is lesser probability that I would be able to see them again, this thought got the better of me.

We came late for the affair. We thought that the program was to begin at 2 PM, but we found out later through an SMS sent to us by the coordinator that the program would begin an hour earlier. We got the message 30 minutes past the program took off. We had to fly. Literally. And Br. Eric responded greatly to this need. Oh boy, he was such a great pilot!

We made it safely.