Friday, August 14, 2009

Taize in Manila

All parishes within the NCR are invited to send representatives on the Launching Day in Metro Manila on August 29.

The launch of the final stage of the preparation for the Taize event in the Philippines will be on August 29, Saturday. It will also be the "Launching Day" for all the parishes in the National Capital Region.

It will be held in San Carlos Seminary, Makati City from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

This day is meant for young adults from 16 to 35 years, who can be facilitators and would like to commit themselves in the preparation and organization of the meeting on a parish or vicariate level. Each parish within the NCR is invited to send up to five (5) young adults who are involved in the life of the parish and have good contacts to the groups and members of the parish. The day will start with a common prayer, introducing the participants to the typical songs from Taizé, the meditative way of prayer, and the value of silence.

A reflection and sharing on how trust (in God, in others, in oneself, in the future) helps us to go forward and not be discouraged, will follow. Brothers will explain the different practical aspects and ways of participation in the meeting. Materials for the practical and spiritual preparation in the parishes will also be given.

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