Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mabuhay si San Bosco!

Last week, during the send-off of the relics, I committed a major major blunder. I guess, it would easily land in the list of my most embarrassing moments.

No, it was not when I shouted “Mabuhay si San Bosco (Long live St. Bosco).” I maintain that that is acceptable. If we have San Lorenzo, San Pedro, and even Sta Cruz, Sta Mesa in our lexical consciousness, then it follows that we could also have something like “San Bosco.”

When Fr. Arnold shouted “Mabuhay ang Panginoon (Long Live the Lord),” that’s when I entertained the possibility—however remote it may be—of how Don Bosco must have been complaining because he’s been getting so much attention.

That made me also feel a little disturbed realizing how the majority of individuals who came to venerate Don Bosco with much care seemed to fail to show respect to the Blessed Sacrament. What is worse is that some even failed to recognize its existence.

God is present in our Blessed Sacrament 24/7, seven days a week. And we don’t just get to see and touch and talk to Him. We consume Him. He becomes part not just of our biological mechanisms but also, and more importantly, He strengthens us spiritually.

When Don Bosco was alive, he would be branded in the newspapers as “miracle worker” owing to the countless miracles he would perform. But he would be quick to deny that he did not do it and almost instantly, he would lead them to thank God’s Providence.

If there is an improvement in the quality of our relationship with Christ; then, Don Bosco’s coming to Canlubang is not in vain. And his visit is not going to be just that, a short visit, for he will remain in our hearts.

Mabuhay si San Bosco!