Thursday, January 15, 2009


Fr. Joel is right. Canlubang has never been this cold.

I first felt the cold weather in Bunggo last year when I was going there for my weekly apostolate before my the Christmas break. That’s pretty understandable since the place is located on a higher plane. In fact, from one of the chapels there, one could already have a clear view of Tagaytay Highlands.

That kind of cool weather we are now experiencing in Canlubang. The sudden drop in the temperature for the past days did send us scavenging for jackets stored in our cabinets.

The fancy jacket of Br. Eric, which has been hoisted on one of the chairs in the study hall for almost a year now, has been washed!... in fact, he's wearing it now.

All the electric fans in the dorm are enjoying their much-needed respite for the time being; so as those in the chapel, in the study hall and in the Chavez Hall (our classroom).

The weather has prevented me from doing my laundry early in the morning because the freezing water seems to puncture my skin. And instead of sporting my havayana havainna blue slippers, I would settle for my warm leather shoes.

But if there's anything this weather has done good for me, that would be to realize that the heaters in our lavatory are working just fine; and of course, the presence of some remarkable people in Canlubang never fail to make me feel warmer.

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